Transformation failure

23 Dec

I know I said that the post yesterday was my final post before Christmas. But inspiration comes…

Transformation failure

Sins long forgiven, consequences remain
Oh, to be innocent of what he now knows 
Echoes of past choices revertibrate, suffocate
Temptation lingers, no end in sight
Desire for God and desire for evil?
Romans 7 so real, so prescient

The kitten Sin, so small, so harmless
A million justifications arise
Malformed passions explained, caressed
Conflict waging – who wins out?
The lion Sin, larger, so vicious
Consuming his life and his kin

Fear and love of God subsiding
Divine plans and purposes, stillborn
Faith, lives, innocent children destroyed
“Fraud.  Hypocrite.  Liar”, he says  
He calls himself Christian? 
He hates his life

Faith in Christ saves, he rejoices!
How much repentance? – irrelevant! 
But is there any true faith?
For is there any true repentance?
To the empty well he ever returns
How can he not be lost, cut off?

The devil delights
Faith so unlike a child!
Yes, nations blaspheme because of him!
Yes, God knows he deserves death!
Servant of the Word – go!
Draw him outside himself again!

70×7 says, does the Christ-child
“Room in the inn” – even for him.
Leave him not to his own judgment
Draw the truth from him
Absorb his sin, his guilt
You carry Christ in your body

Sins forgiven, but consequences remain
His love grows cold
Transformation eludes, fails
So will he transform God?   
Will he desire forgiveness for this, for that? 
Come Lord Jesus – and save him from himself. 

*Note – I got the idea of the title for this post from here.  Any readers will have to tell me if they think this to, is a “theology fail”.

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