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On motherhood

Uphold motherhood and become odious?  Sexist?  Misogynistic?  Chauvinistic?  Etc.

(Warning: not much “infant theology” here today…)

I guess some would think so.

It is my conviction that if at all possible, children need to be with their mothers – especially young children.  No, not just “one of their parents” – but their mothers.  My 4 boys all indicated a clear preference for their mother when they were younger.  Its tempting to say that it could be simply because she’s just a more pleasant person than me, but that would not be the whole story.

It’s clear to me that raising children is not only more than a full-time job, but that it is one of the most challenging and important of jobs.  One would think that more men would recognize this, and, wanting to tackle the most difficult tasks in strength and courage, be tempted to take on this job for themselves.

Strangely enough, they don’t.  Pure laziness?  Lack of nerve?  First of all, it is true that humanity in general – and perhaps men in particular – are blinder than a bat when it comes to realizing this incredible truth (the monumental importance of this task).  That said however, men are not women, and have not been designed to deal with children as effectively as mothers do.  A lack of the proper physical equipment is an obvious point – as well as the preferences of young children already mentioned – but there are many other clues as well (which I won’t try to name).

So again: the task is already extremely difficult.  In my estimation, to saddle men with such a difficult task when they have not been created to deal with it is to only set them up for extreme failure.  Perhaps some men who stay at home are “built for this”, but I doubt it.  They simply fail less – and fail in less obvious ways – than the others who either eagerly take on – or are forced to take on – this greatest of tasks.

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