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Why I am Not Posting

mediafastHello all – in case you hadn’t noticed, I have been taking a real break from blogging this summer.

Well, not just blogging. I have not been reading blogs, listening to podcasts, listening to YouTube video lectures, or paying much attention to Twitter or Facebook (check out the freshly translated Lutheran devos at FB off and on, but that is about it). (I still do answer email and personal messages on FB)

Part of this was me wanting to be in solidarity with my kids as we severely limited video games and the internet this summer. Part of this was me just wanting to see how I would fare. I’ve had time to do some other things that I have wanted to do, including writing two papers for library journals (which will hopefully be published in the fall).

So this taking time off from being online has gone surprisingly well (well, not with the kids – that fast hasn’t been so severe) – I thought all of this would be much harder, but it has been surprisingly easy.

But is that really a good thing? I do feel some guilt about not paying attention to my friends on FB, those I follow on Twitter, etc. Ah, online relationships…

Which reminds me, I wanted to tell all the people I interact with regularly online about this earlier, but was bad about even doing that. I should have been better about this. Sorry!

I plan on starting to blog again in a month or so, if I still have any readers. : )


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