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Hope like a child

“…I crouch down, lowering myself to his eye level, feebly attempting to tap into his deep curiosity. He leans against me, but never diverts his eyes from the moon. I look up as he does, but my eyes come back to him, in wonder of him as he wonders at the moon.

Suddenly excited, Ian turns and asks, “I touch it?”  “Sure.  Reach high,” I tell him.  His little legs strain and stretch, he moves to his tiptoes and extends his arms, grasping with his fingers, as if he’s mere inches away.  He drops back down, turns to me and says, with a smile on his face, “Nope.”  I cannot help but laugh, as not a twinge of disappointment flavors his voice. He simply returns to gazing….

…in that moment, I realized that I was the uninformed one. I was the one who needed more understanding, more wisdom, better perspective. I held my tongue to appear wise, submitting to the lesson of a two-year-old master teacher. As he gains years, I pray that he keeps the wisdom he already has; while becoming a man, I pray he remains a child. Ian will grow older (he is turning three this very week) but in the memory of such moments he will always be my teacher, reaching for the moon.”

Read it all here.  Come new heavens and new earth, I think we will be touching it….

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