The Popularity of Steven Paulson’s Adaptation of Luther’s Theology. Part 3.

28 Apr


So, just in case the last post wasn’t clear enough in the point it was trying to make…

There is still a lot of work to do regarding the 1517, er, I mean 2011 Legacy Project.

More and more people need to know who Steve Paulson is, what he teaches, and that such teaching will cannot be tolerated.

On the other hand, for the 2011 Legacy Project though — at least for some of them! — Steven Paulson’s #FakeLutheranism really shows the way forward for Lutheran theology…

Don’t back down, double down. Message from 2011’s John Hoyum: Gerhard Forde has his problems when it comes to the atonement, but here Paulson shows us a helpful way forward…

Paulson opponent: We have the victory in the ever sinless and innocent Son of God! He bore our sin and its punishment, just as much as if He himself had committed them!
Paulson proponent: Congratulations, you just denied the atonement, the Bible and Luther.


In some ways, this post is just going to read like an advertisement for all things Steven Paulson, the man who has taught us that Christ committed sin.

No, he doesn’t have the influence of Christian celebrity pastors in America who hold sway over tens of thousands, even millions, but he is heavily influential among important and highly visible conservative Lutheran theologians.

In spite of what some folks, including some people I like very much, might tell you.

“No Forde and Paulson don’t matter. People don’t know them. People don’t care.” — LC-MS pastor George Borghardt (please see note below, at the end of this post, at *).

No, Paulson has the ear of many people who exercise a lot of influence in the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (LC-MS). And in this respect, he is just like Gerhard Forde, the father of Radical Lutheranism…

And yet, “Hallelujah!”

We all know change can, and does, happen. Will happen.

That is why I tweeted out:

“I want to make something clear about this post.
Pastor @toddwilken wan’t the only one. A lot of us who are now on the other side found a lot that we liked in some Radical Lutheran writers and promoted them.
Me too, for instance….
There’s always hope!”

Finally, before jumping into the flurry of tweets below, I also want you to know that what follows was not easy to do, given that on my main computer I am now blocked from most of these Steven-Paulson-pushing accounts…**

…but we make sacrifices, don’t we?

Love wins.


Tweets are chronological. Keep in mind that these tweets are simply meant to show Paulson’s influence and appeal.

And Paulson too.

Oh, another thing: many of the statements below, on the face of it, are unobjectionable or even good.

It is only when one understands them through the lens of “Christ committing sin” though, that one sees they do not necessarily mean what they appear to mean.

Oh, and yes, by the way, for those of you who cannot get enough of my wild-eyed and evilly evil heresy-hunting, fear not!

“Let no one become dismayed at the criticism that the Missouri fathers were a stern, unloving set of fighters, who forgot the gentler aspects of Christianity over their devotion to rigorous discipline. None that raise this charge come into court with clean hands. The love that can see some one err and not tell him of it is no love…” — W.H.T. Dau, 1922, at the LC-MS’s 75th Anniversary celebration

There will be a part 4 as well…

Tweet interlude — see here.


Again, there isn’t anything wrong with a lot of those tweets. The issue, however, as is often the case, is what is not said or said very little… you need to listen carefully to everything that is being said in the sometimes not-so-prominent places…

To end this post with some good tweets, I’d like to commend these recent ones from Pastor Todd Wilken:


*I let Pastor Borghardt know about this quote and he said the following: “I believe the context of my quote is important.. If memory serves I said this on Good Friday evening during a pandemic, correct?” I replied: “Every other day would be OK, huh? : ) Seriously, let me know, and I will add whatever information or clarification you want me to add…” The full context of the quote can be seen here:

**@1517, @ThinkingFellows, @Caleb_E_Keith, @JohannesFlacius, @birdchadlouis, and @dan_vanvoorhis. Also Radical Lutheran sympathizers and those who sympathize with them and more modern Lutheran forms of theology like @TullianT, @RevMattRichard, Steve “The Old Adam” Martin (@pudicat11), Jack Kilcrease, and Peter Malysz (on Facebook)

Note: Radical Lutheran and Radical Lutheran sympathizing friends, I have never blocked anyone and can’t see myself blocking you in the future (by the way, I don’t think there is anything wrong with blocking someone, its just not something I plan on doing or have ever wanted to do). You can block me all you want (you are a growing number), but it won’t change me. Again, to be clear, any Christian is certainly permitted to do this, but I won’t do it to you. I’ll always listen to you and your concerns. I might not respond or change, but I will listen and take your words with the utmost seriousness.


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3 responses to “The Popularity of Steven Paulson’s Adaptation of Luther’s Theology. Part 3.

  1. Rex Rinne

    April 28, 2020 at 3:50 pm

    I continue to be educated…..thanks son……peace always….dad

    On Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 6:55 AM theology like a child wrote:

    > Nathan A. Rinne posted: ” +++ So, just in case the last post wasn’t > clear enough in the point it was trying to make… There is still a lot of > work to do regarding the 1517, er, I mean 2011 Legacy Project. More and > more people need to know who Steve Paulson ” >

  2. Nathan A. Rinne

    April 29, 2020 at 11:15 am


    You bet. Thanks for commenting.


  3. Eric Roessing

    July 18, 2020 at 5:15 pm

    God made Christ who knew no sin (HE WAS NOT a “sinner”) to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Christ. (2Co 5:21). All of Romans 4 speaks of imputation. And it was based upon the truth that Christ was delivered up to death for because of our trespasses, and was Raised (from death) because of our justification (in his death, 5:9) (Rom. 4:25 see Greek).
    Paulson is wrong to call Christ a “sinner”, but Luther (LW 260) unwittingly gave him fuel for this error.


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