My Short Review of Mollie Hemingway’s New Book “Rigged”

05 Nov


People who follow this blog regularly will be aware that I have written a number of posts about the 2020 elections in the United States of America. Here is a rundown of those posts:

The latest:

Why should this issue matter to Christians? Well, read Luke 12:2 and Isaiah 29:15 and ponder their relation to real justice.

Going along with these posts, I have now written a short book review of Mollie Hemingway’s new book. You can click on the tweet here and read it:

For those of you who’d like to talk more about this, go to my Facebook post here promoting my “tweetstorm” and pitch in:



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2 responses to “My Short Review of Mollie Hemingway’s New Book “Rigged”

  1. Gus

    November 29, 2021 at 12:28 am

    What about Bill Barr, a Trump loyalist?

    How does Mollie Hemingway’s book address the fact that President Donald Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr found none of the evidence of election fraud that President Trump and Mollie Hemingway allege? President Trump had the whole FBI and the whole Justice Department to find the criminals organizing and carrying out the alleged election, to arrest them, and prosecute them.

    President Trump said before the election that he feared that the other side would cheat. So why didn’t he task the FBI with finding at least some of the bad guys and stopping their nefarious scheme?

    And after the election, President Trump, after he said there had been widespread fraud, he had three months to make sure that the FBI and Justice Department identified, arrested, and charged at least some of the fraudsters.

    The FBI and the Justice Department have thousands of investigators and immense investigatory powers that book authors do not have. They can subpoena witnesses and documents. They can compel people to appear before grand juries. They can obtain phone records, financial records, employment records, emails, web search activity. They can put suspects under surveillance and follow them around in person for weeks or months. The FBI can threaten suspects with long prison terms if they lie to the FBI or if they refuse to cooperate with their investigation.

    But, despite all this awesome investigatory power in the hands of President Donald Trump, NOT EVEN ONE bad guy was found by the FBI and the Justice Department.

    And Attorney General Bill Barr said in public that, after looking into this matter, there were no election crimes.

    What best explains this?

    Must we conclude that, if anyone contradicts Donald Trump, the mere fact of such contradiction is proof positive that they are part of the “deep state” conspiracy against Donald Trump and against the American People? Is that a reasonable, rational conclusion?

    Since not one criminal has yet to be arrested for all the crimes alleged by Donald Trump and Mollie Hemingway, would it not be more reasonable and rational to assume that these crimes are just unfounded allegations and probably or perhaps did not occur?

    No matter how much a Christian wants the Pro-Christian, pro-Tradition, Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Liberty candidate to win, and wants the Neo-Marxist, anti-God candidate to lose, doesn’t a Christian have a duty before God to be reasonable in making judgments about factual issues of a public nature?

    Do Christians have the blessing of God to hitch their wagon to political flights of fancy and hype on the basis that doing so seems like it will help the cause of Christ and help defeat the dark forces of nihilism, atheism, and socialism that are plaguing and threatening America?

    In the Machiavellian philosophy, there is no doubting that the ends always justify any means.

    But is that the rule in Christian moral theology?

    Does the Holy God endorse the idea of winning by cheating?

    In the Bible, Jacob did use trickery and deceit to steal the blessing (a sort of “election”) that was intended for his brother Esau. But does that incident establish a moral principle for Christians to follow in political elections for public office?

    Is not the Will of God invincible? Do Christians even need to win to worldly political elections?

    Win or lose, isn’t the Will of God always perfectly executed?

    • Nathan A. Rinne

      November 29, 2021 at 2:34 pm


      I answered Gus offline. If you’d like my response to him email me.



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