My Interviews with Matthew Garnett about Antinomianism, Radical Lutheranism, and CPH’s So-Called 3rd Use of the Law Book

10 May

For those of you who came here for Cody’s piece but would like to hear more solid Lutheran theologizing about the topics he covers.

Here is me on Matthew Garnett’s podcast to discuss such issues a few months back:

Oct. 1:

Oct. 7:

Oct. 13:

Oct. 20:




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3 responses to “My Interviews with Matthew Garnett about Antinomianism, Radical Lutheranism, and CPH’s So-Called 3rd Use of the Law Book

  1. 4luther

    May 11, 2018 at 9:02 pm

    I don’t normally work and listen to podcasts, but I had some lighter work that didn’t require my undivided attention so I listened to your critique of the third-law book, and it was helpful to understand some of the concerns you confessional Lutherans have with those more ‘liberal’ Lutherans who see no use for the law. Based on what I heard from your critique, you have shifted your thinking from when we dialoged five-ten years ago. I agree fully that the law isn’t just to condemn the sinner or to provide order in the civil realm. In Eastern Orthodoxy we get a sense of God’s mercy and strength in action seen in the saints of the church, as properly understood someone is viewed a saint when the love and life of Christ shines and works thru human sinners. Yes, we work and delight in the law of God, but only as one reborn by the spirit and enabled by the new life in Christ. Orthodoxy, perhaps, can sometimes seem light on the grace of God (especially in the preaching, as Orthodoxy could learn a thing or two from Lutherans about preaching the grace of God found in Christ), but in the prayers, hymns, and liturgy of the Church, the grace of God is most certainly evident, given, and proclaimed. Can the law be abused and misunderstood in Orthodoxy? Of course, as we are broken, sinful people, but just as the law can be misunderstood, so can grace – as a license to live and do as we please, because Jesus forgives all sin. We need to guard against stereotypes, as Orthodox don’t believe we earn our salvation just because we have to put forth effort in the Christian life, so do Lutherans (as I need to remind my non-Lutheran friends) believe that grace isn’t a license to do whatever you want. Stay the course my friend and remember, “Life’s meaning is not first of all or properly about what we do, rather, it is about what God actually has done and continues to do for us in Christ. Our meaning, value, or worth is found outside of ourselves in Jesus Christ” (Mark Mattes ).

  2. Delwyn Campbell

    May 27, 2018 at 7:59 am

    Dan Price and Chad Bird have heard my preaching and as a result, invited me to speak on their weekly devotions and at two of their conferences. They are certainly not leading me to antinomianism, because my theology is neither defined nor constrained by them.
    I am a missionary, and as such, I need a network of support. They are giving me access to people to whom I wouldn’t ordinarily have access. You can hear my messages every Monday morning on their page and see how I’m preaching.


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