“Among the Thorns” — a Poem by Keith Horrigan

28 Mar

By Keith Horrigan


Within the spirit of love
we move and we breath,
but in these worldly pursuits
it’s hard to perceive.
The good and the bad
are all interweaved,
and our values misplaced
are the webs that we weave.

So with hardening of heart,
inflaming our pride,
the allure of our defects,
arise and collide,
and as these subtle temptations
attack and divide,
all these passions of want
fail to subside.

But when the good is at hand
and our pain is relieved,
in the gift of this good
we are often deceived.
Because we walk in the flesh
and are often naive,
to the grace of this good
we constantly cleave.

But when acknowledging wrong
is often denied,
our arrogant scheming
opposes our guide,
and as long as these yearnings
our Spirit derides,
these battles within
will forever abide.

So when the good of this world
has taken its leave,
in this one simple truth
we will choose to believe;
When the good is not found
and cannot be retrieved
In the arms of the bad
we will seek our reprieve.

But if submission to love
is often applied,
and this tyranny of want
is often decried,
although its hunger’s enraged
when often deprived,
in the discipline of love
the ego’s defied.

For far greater than good
is the bad we receive,
in the suffering we’ve known
and the pain that we grieve.
For outweighing the good
all these troubles achieve,
a far greater glory
than mind can conceive.

And if in obedience to love
the ego resides
and the fruits of its promise
we take as our bride,
the roots of our craving
will all be untied,
and the gift of love’s grace
will God’s mercy provide.




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