Reframe?!: Is Kim Davis Actually Proclaiming Christ’s Free Forgiveness of Sins?

12 Sep
Herald ad witness of the dying love of God for sinful man?

Herald and witness of the dying love of God for sinful man?

Rod Dreher is saying that the Kim Davis case is a religious liberty loser – and he’s got the stats to back him up.

I think he is dead right.

That said, is it possible for us to think long-term, seeing it as a Gospel winner?

What?  Yes I am serious – just like I was about this when the Indiana thing blew up.  And if this is not Kim Davis’ view, so what?  Let’s help her see that this is what it is all about. Let’s frame this for the sake of Christ and His Church.

What follows is what I posted to Rod on his blog:


I respect you and still do. I understand that this looks like a political loser… but I guess I would like to see some more respect for Kim Davis from Christian brothers and sisters who disagree with her. Maybe politics really isn’t her first consideration here.

All marriages are a sign of The One True Marriage.

All marriages are a sign of The One True Marriage.

I came across a very articulate Lutheran pastor’s Facebook post this morning. Here is a short clip (about 1/3 of his post):

“We have learned to say that pro-life is an affirmation of the incarnation, of the resurrection, and the One who is the way the truth and the life. So also marriage. Satan moves up the food chain, destroying life, and the now launching an assault on the union that alone can bring new life into the world. Marriage is hardly just a social issue, but in proclaiming marriage, we proclaim God as creator, Christ as the new Adam, Christ as the Bridegroom, Christ as the teacher of marriage, and the one who blesses it by turning water into wine. When we stand up for marriage, we stand up for the one who loves us, and gave his life as the dowry of our salvation. And again, in doing so, we stand up for our neighbor, for the children, every one of whom has a biological mother and father, every one of whom deserves a mom and dad. These issues, while vexing, help us see theology as a human endeavor, as revealing the face of Christ, the first born of our humanity, the image of God that he invites us to share. Perhaps, now we can see, perhaps better than ever, that the Gospel is the Law fulfilled for us by Christ, and that by offering a witness, as imperfect as it may be, we offer to the world a picture of love, so desperately needed.” (bold mine)

The whole thing is good:

What if this actually is not so much about “politics” but witnessing to the truth of the Gospel… the love of Christ in a society that widely no longer recognizes it? The Gospel is foolishness, but some will hear… and believe.

Probably not most elites though…. (end post to Rod).

I encourage everyone to read Genesis 1-3 and the book of Ephesians, particularly chapter 5 – and to lend Mrs. Davis your prayers and support (even if you still disagree with her actions).



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2 responses to “Reframe?!: Is Kim Davis Actually Proclaiming Christ’s Free Forgiveness of Sins?

  1. As It Is Written - Mark 1:2

    December 7, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    What Babylon legislates regarding what it calls “marriage” is up to Babylon (1 Peter 5:13; Revelation 16:19). It is the Church that is called to live up to God’s commandments concerning Christian marriage. The U.S. Supreme Court has never used the Bible as the basis for its ruling, and the U.S. Supreme Court has no jurisdiction within the Church.


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