My First Post on patheos: Facing Hostility, Can Some Christian Colleges Boldly Continue to Welcome All?

04 Mar

A very important editorial from Michael Gerson, “An Appeal for Patient Pluralism”, appeared recently in the Washington Post.

Christian colleges and universities are increasingly being asked – or pressured to – allow for groups where LGBTQ[….] causes could be advocated. This, more than anything else in the past I think, is forcing necessary ethical – and yes, political – reflection.*

I think that it is extremely important that Christian colleges and universities boldly advocate for the rights they should have in their own homes, as genuinely private institutions.

It is with this in mind that I have written for consideration 13 theses for Christian colleges and universities who in some way advertise that they want to both honor Christ and welcome all. This is the first post that I am putting up on patheos, as a part of Pastor Jordan Cooper’s “Just and Sinner” blog.

I invite you to take a look at them and weigh in….

My theses start with:

“Students who have choose to attend distinctly Christian colleges and universities have a right to hear it emphasized that…”

Read more:…



*Note also the recent joint statement of the Presidents of the Colleges of the Lutheran-Church Missouri Synod as well: “CUS Presidents Embrace Identity Statement”.

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