What does this mean?: at least file it away under “be aware”

27 Mar

catinnovationIn my library technology presentation last week, the above picture was one of my slides… (see here for that whole slideshow)

And so, what is the main driver of technological innovation?  Excellent Lutheran pastor and blogger Mark Surburg gives us a hint with his headline: “Verizon defends decision to offer incest and child themed porn

He says, in classic understatement, “The pornification of American culture continues…”  But I digress.  The answer is porn.  Porn drives most of the innovation in the I.T. industry.  Being that porn is for the most part a visual medium that pulls our attention (at least for us males… Romance novels do count…), I’ll highlight this fact a bit more visually (I have not put links in these screen shots – you’ll have to Google the titles yourself if you want to read the articles):
Finally, porn is a huge fight for many Christians.  This is where some good third use of the law can come in handy for many of us…. (see this highly astute comment here about how Christians need very practical guidance here or we are going to get utterly flattened).  Getting pastoral guidance here is critical, and a great place to start is by listening to the Australian Lutheran pastor John Kleinig talk about this most pressing of issues: 582092110H2.mp3 (note, this link will open right up to the 54 minutes show)
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