What to expect from natural law

28 Feb

what-to-expect-when-no-ones-expectingEvidently, not much – that is, if you are hoping that people will agree with Christians about what is right and wrong.  Surely we can’t insist that all children have a “right” to life.  And surely they don’t really want (and need?) both mommies and daddies!  No, not at all.  Simple “biology” just doesn’t seem to cut it these days, much less St. Thomas.

A comment left by a well-known writer left on Rod Dreher’s blog  (also see his post “Secularism needs natural law” and the post “What if Christianity itself is secular?” as well):

Frederica Mathewes-green says:

“People who reject lifestyle liberalism are either wicked or stupid” — yes, exactly. I ran into this in the 90s when I was writing and speaking primarily about a feminist argument against abortion. I met everywhere a belief that all pro-lifers were anti-sex and their deepest motive was to stop women from having careers. When I’d show up and not say what they expected, I was seen as evilly trying to disguise my true motives, making me twice as bad as ordinary oppressive pro-lifers. I think the perception that all pro-lifers are “evil and stupid”, combined with my undeniable pro-life papertrail, is the main reason I wasn’t able to cross over from writing for conservative / Christian publications to the mainstream. (I’d do the same again in a heartbeat, though.)

If history serves, what will happen next is what happened to pro-life advocates: we were silenced. Instead of seeing one of each side on a talk show, there will be two of the winning side. Those who advocated traditional views will just disappear from the stage.

In the case of abortion there appears to be a surprise next act coming, as (against all odds) the younger generations are increasingly pro-life and see this as a basic justice issue rather than women’s rights. Not conservative on any other issue, but seeing this one at last in terms of human rights. I don’t expect that with the marriage issue, but in times the undeniable biological fact of heterosexual marriage will bob up to awareness. Gay couples can do whatever they want (I am not trying to stop gay marriage) but there is just a primeval reality to heterosexual marriage, and it will eventually be seen. Wont stop any gay marriages, but will just dawn on people that there is an ineradicable difference. Nothing anyone can do to hasten the moment.

That last paragraph sums up my best guess of where we are going and what will happen, especially with realities like this on the horizon… (see a short interview with the author here).

Reality always bounces back.  Unless Jesus saves us from this chaos first.


UPDATE: Just realized I did a series on natural law – as it regards man’s knowledge of God at least – about 3 years ago.  The first part is here.

More of Jonathan Last on his book:

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