“Never has the need for fools been more pronounced than it is today.”

17 Aug

A good message for those involved in Christian education.

Some clips:

“The “illiterate” apostle, fisherman John, needed to step down to the level of the philosophers and scientists to communicate Truth to people who could not discover it without his guidance….

[In Ephesians 5:10] Paul’s whole point is that we need to be evaluating constantly, but not by the false standards of “the world”, which might be better translated “the age”…

The Ephesians 6[:6] passage is the Christian response to the entire Nietzschean, post-modern critique of Christianity that argues that the gospel offers a slave morality and enforces it with a rhetoric of violence. It addresses the slave and says, “Slaves, obey your masters after the flesh with fear and trembling, in the simplicity of your hearts, like Christ; not to serve the eyes like man pleasers, but, like slaves of Christ, accomplish the will of God from your soul.”

If Christ was not resurrected, this is a cruel, violent, manipulative thing to say. If He is, then what could matter more than to please Him? What is the span of a short lifetime against the chance to hear Him say “Well done”?

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty,” and that liberty begins with the soul free to obey its oppressor with joy even while under oppression. Here is a true radicalism. But it offers nothing to the man or woman who does not believe in Christ….

All of us have had the privilege of being born into a slaveless country, but we have forgotten, I fear, that we are, by analogy, slaves of Christ. As such, we do not have the right to make ourselves voluntary slaves of men.

That is what we do when we “conform to this age” and when we judge what is well-pleasing not by what pleases our own Husband/Master/Redeemer/Beloved/Creator but by what will please those around us.

This is an issue of wisdom and sound judgment.

If you do not believe in a resurrected Christ who ascended into heaven and gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit, then you will be unable to think straight. If you accept this as doctrine, but do not see how it sets you free from the silly standards of an enslaved and frightened age, please look more closely.”

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