Unable to affirm “infant faith” with Luther…

20 Sep
Lutheran theologian David Scaer has a new book coming out that looks very interesting….
“Well-known Lutheran theologian David Scaer shows that when Rationalism is welded to Lutheranism, faith doesn’t become more credible but instead is lost. Unable to affirm “infant faith” with Luther, nineteenth- and twentieth-century German theologians no longer had a strong basis to baptize infants. If this practice were to be kept, they needed to skirt around the fact that infants were also sinful humans in need of a savior—and that Christ promises himself to all who are brought to him in the sacrament of baptism. Their attempt to compromise confessional loyalty with modern psychology whittled away the foundation of sacramental theology….”

—Mark Mattes, Ph.D.


Read more about it here.














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