Blank slates, babies and beyond: of evolution and epistemology (part VIII of VIII)

24 Mar

8.  My final question then: how does the personal arise from the impersonal, if not by the Personal?  (and along with this comes all the important questions about dignity and worth that come with that term “person”) And here, scientists will go on to talk about the emergence of life, consciousness, self-awareness, etc.  Many today will attribute personhood to animals as well, as opposed to being an exclusive quality of human beings.

See part I (addresses issue that this series of posts is not really about infant faith and theology), part II, part III, part IV, part V, part VI. and part VII

OK, so of the three positions I mentioned way back in the first post, which do I believe?  Here’s how you can find out the answer to that question.  According to the New Testament documents, what did Jesus seem to believe about the creation of humankind (the first man and woman), marriage, the fall, death, the flood, etc?  If you can figure out the answer to this question, you can figure out which of the three positions I think is right.  Though I want to have courage to use my own understanding, I also want to trust the living not the dead: in other words, the Resurrected Guide and His judgment and knowledge.  In fact, even if I don’t feel like doing this, I am convicted that I must.  Think this is just all about you and your reason?  Think again, child of the Enlightenment.  :  )

Ultimately, I really want to get people talking about Jesus: who was He, and what does His life mean.  Along these lines, I do not think that it is rational at all to believe Jesus Christ did not exist (as this is not even a respected minority position among historians across a broad spectrum of beliefs), which I am hearing more and more frequently from some of the more radical new atheists…

All this said, the more I learn about this topic, the more I feel like I know next to nothing.   Seriously.  This can be a very difficult conversation to have, not only because of the stakes (“No creation, no Adam; no Adam, no Fall; no Fall, no sin; no sin, no need for a Savior.  Thus is the axe laid to the root of the cross” [Baue, Frederic W, Creation: a Literary, Apologetic, and Doctrinal Approach, 2010]), but also because so much background knowledge is really being assumed, and the nuances involved with the evidence being discussed are rarely well understood.  Trust me – we trust others – both for evidence and interpretation/judgment – far more than we think we do.

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