God’s pragmatism?

22 Dec

Although sensitive to their concerns about “fairness”, when it comes to raising their children, parents are more often interested in “what works”.  They have certain goals for their children, and they look to accomplish these through practical, even “pragmatic” means…(of course trying some things would be strictly out of bounds)

God also has certain goals for His children, such as keeping them in the true faith, increasing their love for the neighbor, protecting them from evil – and that they would come to deeply know how much He desires that all persons come to repentance and faith in His Son. 

So is God also practical – dare we say pragmatic? 

However we are disposed to think of the interaction between divine predestination and human response, it seems to me this is a worthwhile question.  Is it possible that God, like us, is a pragmatist, and that the real issue for all of us is over what we are working towards and why?   

“It” works?  Towards what end?

P.S. – Taking a break for Christmas, but will be back eventually…

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